Hotel Barge Holidays
Hotel barges combine a small quality hotel with a barge or narrowboat. They offer fully serviced accommodation with superb meals cooked on board. There are many single cabins, usually without supplement, and a few doubles or twins. There is a small number of 6 to 12 guests.

These barge holidays offer travel through tunnels, over aqueducts and bridges, with stops to explore the canalside attractions and interesting towns. The crew does all the work of going uphill or downhill through locks, but guests can help if they wish.

Hotel barges may travel on the same weekly route, although some may take a route covering all the major canals. Sometimes there is a ‘pair’, with a powered boat towing the unpowered ‘butty’.

UK Hotel Boat 'pair'
French Hotel Boat

England Hotel Barge Cruises - Most canal routes in England are travelled by hotel barges at various times. Cruise sections of the River Thames, or the Grand Union Canal.

Scotland Hotel Barges - Try a hotel barge on the Caledonian Canal and Loch Ness.

Ireland Hotel Barges - Take a luxury hotel barge cruise on the River Shannon.

French Waterways - Cruise past chateaux on the River Loire, the Burgundy wine country, or the Canal du Midi through the south of France.